Hunid’s journey creating his single”too bad”

Most individuals listen to only songs that are on-trend without feeling the lyrics. Lyrics are the clearest mean to communicate a narrative. Many great artists express deep feelings, but there are not many listeners to their songs. Just because the artist is unknown globally doesn’t mean their songs aren’t up to the worldwide level. While listening to any song, it’s vital to understand the lyrics than only you’ll feel what exactly the song is about.

Artists like Hunid who’d been through a great deal in his life expressed in his first single”too bad” the way he deals with his bad breakup. By listening to his song, you will feel motivated. The lyrics say about how he concentrated on self-care after a breakup. He was in a relationship for so long and tried everything to keep it moving but failed. Hunid felt that he lost a bit of himself and later realized that he was busy taking care of significant others and not himself. It was one of his most significant realizations and glad he brought back his life to track.

Hunid tried everything to repress his pain after his breakup. He tried many things to escape from problems such as partying daily, purchasing expensive things, and even the extent of alcohol abuse. Even though the doings helped him forget things, it was temporary. He was at the lowest point of his life, and so he decided to grow as a great human being. The only therapeutic way was to lift the burden out of the chest. Reminiscing the past of sour memories and feeling the pain, he generated the single”too bad.”

It was a psychological journey for him while making the song. It took some time to write the lyrics after the breakup. During the procedure, he learned a lot about him, which he ever knew and began reviving friendship that he lost. In just two months, he was in the ideal frame of mind and said to overlook himself. Most importantly, he discovered that he was truly an artist and build confidence. Hunid is in a happier place and became a much better man and also as a person. The travel has taught him a lot, and it was a turning point in his life.

This music, like any music of his own, is written through his relationship experience with his ex-girlfriend, who he really loved at the time and did everything to make the relationship work even though lots of things didn’t work out. Because of his love for this girl, he did everything to make her happy and loved without realizing the most important thing, that’s self-love and care. In this song, he talks mainly about how he realizes many things after the breakup and emphasizes on the topic of self-love. His songs aren’t only amazing but also an inspiration.

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