Everything You Need To Know About Abraham Lincoln University

One of the most reputable universities based in Glendale, California, is Abraham Lincoln University (ALU). It is a private, for-profit online university, which was founded by Hyung J. Park. He is a Loyola Law School graduate and a tax attorney. Abraham Lincoln partly taught him the law’s teachings, so he named his school after Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln’s acceptance rate is 100%. It is the first law school that is online based in California. If you are working and traditional classroom courses are hard for you to manage, then online classes will be the perfect option.

Abraham Lincoln University offers online Masters, Bachelors, and Associate. It also offers certificates, diplomas, and Doctorate degrees in information technology, general studies, business administration, paralegal studies, criminal justice, and law. Students can earn security certificates even when they are working through online classes. There are four ways through which students can earn a degree. The first is in person on campus, a hybrid of online and in-person, online through archived recorded lectures, or online through live lectures. Professors and students participate in online discussion boards. The lectures are accessible to students 24×7, and during each class, the classes are archived for review.

Students and professors with each other through live chat and students from Los Angeles have a chance to attend live classroom if they want to. If you wish to enroll in the program, you can do it through e-sign and date application for admission. You will also have to take an online assessment test. However, if you score 140 or higher LSATs, the assessment test is not required. You should also submit two letters of recommendation, college transcripts, a professional resume, and a personal statement. You can also submit unofficial transcripts until official transcripts arrive. For more information please visit

Abraham Lincoln University has an excellent structure of a 52-week school year. The various courses can take from 12 to five weeks. Students take an average of 35 units per year. For the course prices, you can check Online juris doctor. If you are looking for online law school and working full time, this is one of the best options. It is one of the best distance learning and a low-cost opportunity to get a law degree.

When it comes to deciding on the best online schools, reputation matters a lot. Make sure that the college you join has a good reputation. You can research online about online law schools and choose accordingly. It’s essential to enroll for the best rated online law school to acquire the ideal learning services. And not only services, but they should also provide quality education. So pick the best online law school which has the best standing, reputation, and customer care.

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