A Solution on How to Factory Reset Toshiba Laptop

If a Toshiba laptop faces some issue or runs slow, a factory reset may be the best solution. Despite the fact that this method will erase the data, remove all settings and customizations, and uninstall all third-party apps, a factory reset is the best option. This write-up will direct anyone on how to factory reset toshiba notebook computer. First, it’s advised to perform a backup of the laptop before initiating a factory reset. This way, one can upload the folders and files into cloud storage or save them on an external drive. After performing the backup, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step one is to press the Windows +l on the keyboard. This will open the Windows Settings. Second, choose the Update and Security option and choose Retrieval located in the left panel. Third, tap on the Windows Settings right panel and click the Get Started key under the Reset PC button. After this, one will see two choices – Remove Everything and Keep my files. Pick any one option and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the factory reset procedure. After the laptop resets and begins again, certain changes will be observed.

Another method on toshiba satellite factory reset notebook is to use System Recovery. Toshiba has included some hidden partitions on their 2007 and above notebook versions. So, one can use this option, provided the hard drive hasn’t been replaced or reformatted. If this is the case, users will have all they need to restore the laptop. First, shut off the laptop. Second, get into the Recovery wizard. Third, Select the Operating Format. Fourth, take the Warning screen. Click the link and continue. Finally, Choose the Recovery Options and Procedure.

When looking for ways on the way to factory reset toshiba laptop, one should remember that the recovery time differs depending on the notebook’s model. It may take up to two and a half an hour sometimes. During the process, the notebook will display a”Configuring System, pleas wait” message and might restart many times. This is normal, and one should not panic. It’s an arduous task to factory reset the Toshiba laptop. However, if the Toshiba notebook has the Restore option, it can use the recovery disks also.

Users will find some Toshiba laptops’ Recovery Wizards with a Troubleshoot button. They need to click on it if anybody wants to reset the notebook. After clicking on the Troubleshoot button, an extra option,’Refresh/Reset your PC’ will appear. If a person selects the Reset option, all of the personal folders and files on the laptop will vanish. It will go back to the default setting. However, if someone clicks the Refresh option, they can still save the documents.

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